Sunday, 30 October 2016

[Infographic] How Should Revenue Managers Use Data?

How should revenue managers use data? What common pitfalls do they fall into? What are the contemporary 'best practice' revenue management techniques and intelligence you should be aware of?
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Overcome commoditization in travel

Travel has become a commodity in many markets, making price the only differentiator but big data can help to differentiate offers and in many cases travel has become a commodity like sugar, oil or steel, where the product is mostly indistinguishable from competitors’ products and the primary way to differentiate offers is in the price. 

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Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Unplugged Collection launches!

The Unplugged Collection is the cloud-based Property Management System and Reservation Engines of choice for unique & independent hotels and lifestyle venues.

It offer a sharp looking booking site with fine and unique hotels, each hotel will have its presence on their regional page and each hotel has a dedicated page featuring the property with photos, location, details and so forth.

All these pages includes a bookings engine to your hotel.

What's More:

The site offers a full-fledged cloud based Property Management System - visual on 3 screens so you can login and monitor everywhere!- to handle your bookings, rates and rooms. You can also bookings manually or add our bookings engine on your hotels' facebook page to receive reservations.

As a business owner you need to maximize your business' capabilities, therefore use "collective strength" and The Unplugged Collection offers what you need, including a Property Management system, Yield Management, Channel Management and much more. Please review the full list through the link below.

Monthly flat fee / no commission per booking

The Collection
Our collection consists of remarkable places spread throughout the world, each and everyone unique in its own right. Places that allow you to 'unplug' and relax, be yourself, meditate, re-group and re-energize. 'Travel experience' is trending and the buzz word that re-fuels the industry.

Read more here: and become a member today. Contact us for early membership benefits.